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Our Projects

Waterfall and Watercourse

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gallery/garden pond 3

Garden Pond

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Lake Management

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Sheet Water Feature

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Spheres and Pond

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Pots Water Feature

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Irrigation Install

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Pumpless Water Feature

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Vertical Vegie Garden

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Rock Pond

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Oriental Themed Water Features

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Pond and Water Feature

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Natural Pond Build - Dec18/Jan19

Natural pond build in beautiful Cairns Dec 2018/Jan 2019.  Existing pond that had been torn apart in the floods in early 2018.  We recommended a natural pond to the client including an intake bay and wetland filtration system.  We certainly had our trial with this one with FNQ's sometimes annoying wet season!  However this is where we live and we love it.  The pond is 99.9% complete as of mid January 2019.  All we need now is to wait out this huge wet season, then get the water clear.  It has been very stressful at times, but an amaxzing experience for us.  If you know of anyone who would like an amazing recreational poind, give us a call.

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