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AquascapesFNQ will come to you!  We offer a free measure and quote service all around Cairns and surrounds.


We use quality products and materials from well known and respected industry suppliers (see below).  All our products come with manufacturers warranties and a quality guarantee.


In order to ensure we provide the best service to our clients, we continually keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and information which includes attending training courses and seminars held by our suppliers.



Transform your garden into a paradise with a pond!  Ponds provide a relaxing atmosphere and endless enjoyment and can be designed to fit in any sized yard. 


A pond is made up of many different components which, when combined, can become a stunning natural oasis within any area of your home.  There are virtually no limits as to where your pond can be installed from gardens to decking or even inside your house.  A pond can be as simple as a sealed pot with a few plants and fish to a cascading waterfall leading to an inground pond. 


We only use quality materials such as Firestone EPDM pond liner, OASE pumps and filters, AquascapeInc bioskimmers, PondMax low voltage lighting as well as all pipes and fittings to complete the install.


AquascapesFNQ can design, supply and install a beautiful pond that is not only low maintenance but will transform your garden into a private oasis that you can't wait to get home to.



In addition to the above services, we also provide garden maintenance services not only on something we design and install for you, but we can also maintain your existing irrigation systems and gardens.


We provide the following garden and pond maintenance services:

  • General lawn care - mowing and whipper snipping
  • Irrigation system maintenance and repairs either installed by us or for your existing system
  • Lawn restoration and repair
  • Mulching, trimming and hedging
  • General garden care and tidy up



From residential homes, apartment complexes to schools and commercial properties; no irrigation systems is too big or too small for AquascapesFNQ!


An automated irrigation system is the most water effecient way to keep your gardens looking healthy all year round.  We use the latest in water effecient technology such as Hunter MP rotators, rain, moisture and evapotransporation sensors and irrigation controllers with water budgeting technology.


AquascapesFNQ can design, supply and install a variety of different irrigation systems including lawns and gardens, vegie gardens, vertical gardens, greenhouse systems and drip systems.  For lawns and gardens we predominantly use Hunter MP rotators, which use one third less water than traditional spray nozzles. 


As an example of the efficiency of Hunter MP rotators, we recently updated the existing spray nozzle irrigation system at the Pullman Resort in Palm Cove which has dramatically reduced their water consumption by approximately half to three quarters.

Water Features


Water features are an easy way to liven up any indoor or outdoor space. They are easy to install and provide the soothing relaxing sound of moving water.  You can also add water features to your pool, pond or fountain which are easy to install and add a stunning effect.  Additional options such as LED and low voltage lights can also be added.


There are many different types of water features that can be added to your garden and we will work with you to design the right feature for your needs.  Click on our gallery to see some examples of water features that we have installed for clients.

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Our Suppliers Include

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